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Characteristics and Organizations


  • The LRC is a consensus-based administrative body composed of tripartite representatives of employees, employers, and public interest committees respectively.
  • The LRC is an independent quasi-judicial body that concentrates mainly on mediating and adjudicating labor disputes between labor and management regarding interests and rights.


  • LRC is composed of National Labor Relations Commissions(NLRC), the Regional Labor Relations Commission(RLRC: 12 regions), and the Special Labor Relations Commissions, based on their jurisdiction and undertakings.
  • In order to handle various matters under its jurisdiction, the LRC keeps committees in each category in addition to the Plenary Session: the Mediation Committee, the Adjudication Committee, the Discrimination Correction Committee , the Special Mediation Committee, the Arbitration Committee, the Teachers'Labor Relations Mediation Committee, and the Public Officials'Labor Relations Mediation Committee.
  • To support administrative affairs, the NLRC has a secretariat and the RLRC has an executive office.
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