Mediation, Arbitration, and the Decision of Essential Minimum Services


Mediation Request

Information Required in the Mediation Application Form
  • Outlines of labor union and workplace, details of collective bargaining, matters of discordance, the opinions of both parties, etc.

Mediation Period

Public Services
  • Passenger transportation in regular routes and the aerial transportation industry
  • Waterworks, electricity, gas, petroleum refining, and the oil supply industry
  • Public health, medical health care, and the blood supply industry
  • Banks and the mintage industry
  • The broadcast and communications industries
Essential Minimum Public Services
  • Railroads (including metropolitan railroads) and the aerial transportation
  • Waterworks, electricity, gas, petroleum refining, and oil supplies
  • Hospitals and the blood supply
  • The Bank of Korea
  • Communications


Mediation Committee
  • It is composed of 3 members, with one of each from the employee commissioners, the employer commissioners, and the public interest commissioners in charge of mediation. (Unions and the employer organization nominate the employee representative and the employer representative, respectively).
    • * When there is a mutual agreement or at the request of both parties, independent mediation is possible.
Special Mediation Committee
  • It is composed of 3 commissioners appointed by the Chairperson, out of the 4~6 public interest mediation commissioners who have been left after the serial elimination by unions and the employer organization.

Processing Types of Mediation Cases


Requisites for Arbitration

Request for Arbitration

The Composition of an Arbitration Committee

The Arbitration Committee Conference

The Validity of Arbitration Rulings

The Difference between Mediation and Arbitration
  • Arbitration rulings are legally biding and endow the effects of a collective agreement, and when remitted to arbitration, dispute actions are prohibited for the first 15 days after transmission.

Formal Insubordination of Arbitration Rulings

Emergency Adjustment

Requisites of Emergency adjustment

Emergency adjustment Procedure

The Decision of Essential Minimum Services

The Definition of Essential Minimum Services

Decision Request

Decision Procedure

Insubordination Procedure and Its Effects

Flow Chart of the Essential Minimum Services Decision
  • Reception of a essential minimum services request form Prior investigation into the case (- investigation in the presence of the parties concerned, - field investigation) Organization of a Special Mediation Committee (Designating 3 public interest commissioners who are left after serial elimination by labor and management) Holding of the Special Mediation Council (- supporting autonomous agreement, - field investigation when necessary, - collecting opinions of experts) Decision of essential minimum services (when there are difficulties in self solution) Notification of the essential minimum services decision